Samantha Jagroop Launches All-natural Lubricant, Bye Bye Celli

Hope arrives in a bottle of Bye Bye Celli, a USDA certified Shea Butter Oil lubricant for the prevention and correction of stretch marks and cellulite, created for women and people living active outdoor lives.

Coconut Creek, Florida January 28, 2019

Your Prevention and Correction with the Power of Shea Nut Oil

Samantha Jagroop, certified esthetician and founder/creator of the Devica line of exfoliating and hydrating products, today announced the launch of her company’s new lubricant, Bye Bye Celli. She seeks with this product to debunk the myths and stigma associated with stretch marks and cellulite by proving that they can be prevented and even completely corrected without leaving a trace. The creation and release of this high-quality emollient into the market comes after intense research conducted to learn about the causes and effects and cure of stretch marks and cellulite, given the prevalence of this and other skin conditions among anywhere between 60%-90% of women (especially) and men.

Bye Bye Celli is USDA certified, and 100% organic. It has been organically processed into an oil from the highest grade of Shea butter organically sourced from Africa. It contains zero chemical additives. The white, green and brown “USDA organic” certifier label at the bottom of the packaging of this Shea butter oil attests to its purity and originality.

According to Samantha Jagroop, “Contrary to popular belief, preventing and correcting stretch marks and cellulite is possible using Shea butter oil. This is because of its anti-inflammatory and humectant properties which amply hydrate the skin and act as a barrier against harsh weather conditions and intense physical changes that rip and damage the dermis, that outermost visible layer of the skin.”

Samantha continues, “Another way in which Shea butter oil can prevent and correct stretch marks and cellulite is by promoting micro-circulation and encouraging cellular turnover, so that the elasticity and youthful appearance of the skin is naturally preserved or restored from damage. Cocoa butter and mango butter can do no more than moisturize the skin and they only soften the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.”

The Bye Bye Celli website aims at educating women and people who live active outdoor lifestyles about the regenerative properties of organic Shea butter oil, and why they must only purchase 100% organic Shea butter oil.

Samantha is herself a living testimony to the effectiveness of Shea butter oil in preventing and correcting stretch marks and cellulite. Concerned about developing stretch marks when she got pregnant with her daughter (like so many other women), she was driven to research Shea butter and finally included it in her daily regimen. And she says, “I’m in my 40s, with no stretch marks or cellulite whatsoever, and I want others to share in this bliss.”


Bye Bye Celli is a beauty, skincare and lifestyle brand that emphasizes on redefining and regenerating skin by prevention and correction of stretch marks and cellulite using Shea butter oil, the company’s flagship product. It was founded in (insert date here). The company’s founder continues to carry out research to create a skincare line that makes youthful and flawless skin an affordable reality for everyone.

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