25 Reasons Why You Should Use Shea Butter Oil

Our brand’s vision is to put a bottle of Shea butter oil in every household. It is advisable for every household to have a bottle of premium Shea butter oil enlisted in their beauty regimen and included in their beauty products, and another separate bottle of premium Shea butter oil in the medicine cabinet as a first aid for minor injuries from domestic accidents. Below are listed conditions for which premium Shea butter will provide instant improvement and healing. You may even discover additional benefits from regularly using premium Shea butter which are not listed here. Each of these conditions is unique, and therefore each will require a different time frame within which to begin to yield obvious results. For instance, while itching may be relieved instantly, inflammations may take longer to heal, and wrinkles may require about 4-6 weeks before manifesting improvement. With premium Shea butter oil, consistency is key!


Shea butter oil:

  1. Prevents and corrects stretch marks and cellulite;
  2. Retains skin elasticity;
  3. Hydrates dry skin;
  4. Protects the dermal layer from over stretching during pregnancy;
  5. Relieves the skin peeling that is an indication of after-tanning effects;
  6. Relieves skin rashes;
  7. Stops itching skin;
  8. Clears blemishes and skin wrinkles;
  9. Soothes sunburn;
  10. Maintains healthy skin;
  11. Is an antidote for frost bite;
  12. Smoothens the skin and leaves it feeling silky soft when used as a shaving cream;
  13. Brings redress to small skin wounds;
  14. Hydrates and closes skin cracks;
  15. Softens and evens out rough and tough skin on the feet;
  16. Protects against cold weather;
  17. Rejuvenates the skin and prevents stretch marks during pregnancy;
  18. Relieves inflammation from insect bites;
  19. Reduces muscle fatigue, tension and aches;
  20. Provides relief from skin allergies such as poison oaks or poison Ivy;
  21. Cures eczema;
  22. Moisturizes the skin on the scalp (when applied to scalp) and eliminates flaking conditions due to itching and dryness (without leaving the hair or scalp feeling greasy);
  23. Nourishes the tender skin of the lips;
  24. Soothes effectively when used before and after strenuous exercise;
  25. Serves as an emollient and heals skin damage from excessive heat and burns (like burns from cooking oil and from radiation therapy at the hospital).


The information provided is not meant to replace or constitute professional medical advice. You must also seek professional medical practitioners for treatment. We encourage you to hold consultations with your personal physician, should you have any questions regarding a medical condition. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended for diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Go ahead! Make our premium USDA organic Shea butter oil your skin’s best friend today and say goodbye to stretch marks and cellulite! It would make a world of difference!