shea butter lotionUSDA Organic Shea Butter Oil is a 100% natural plant butter that is packed full of vitamins, particularly Vitamins A, E and F. It protects the skin against dryness by acting as a barrier against harsh weather and infections. This makes it the world’s No. 1 moisturizer and your skin’s best friend. Shea butter oil has also proved to be effective in treating a growing number of skin conditions. The Vitamin A contained in Shea butter oil is responsible for bringing relief to several skin conditions and skin blemishes like burns, wrinkles and eczema. It also helps in treating skin allergies, inflammations from insect bites, frostbites and sunburn. The secret behind Shea butter’s unique and superior moisturizing capabilities is the fact that it contains many natural moisturizers which the same ones are produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands! Our USDA Organic Shea Butter Oil is ideal for healing wounds because it has an unparalleled physiological and biochemical effect on skin injuries. Our clients, as well as countless adherents of Shea butter oil nourishment, consistently report that Shea butter oil accelerates the healing of scars and wounds. shea butter lotionVitamin E is another key contributor to skin health that is contained in Shea butter oil. Although the benefits and risks of ingesting Vitamin E are still sketchy, it is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties which protect skin cells from damage and even promote cell growth. Vitamin E is effective against skin conditions like aging and wrinkles. Besides being an anti-aging agent, vitamin E is also an anti-free radical agent. There are two methods by which Vitamin E exerts its positive effects on the skin. First of all, it promotes micro-circulation within the skin, so that the skin gets an increased supply of blood moving to it to bring nourishment and moving away from it to take away waste products. The second way is that Vitamin E protects the skin against free radicals because it has humectant properties. By reason of this, Shea butter oil can prevent and soothe the damaging effects of exposure to high temperatures and ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Many people who engage in outdoor activities like golfers have a habit of buying Shea butter oil off the shelves. Unknown to them, they are buying the poor chemical-based ones which have lost their protective potencies because they have been chemically modified. Our mission as a brand is to put USDA certified 100% Organic Natural Shea Butter Oil on the shelves in every home, drug store and beauty parlor, just within reach of our esteemed clients. Read the next tab for our explanation on why you must insist on buying only 100% natural Shea butter oil.

Warning: Shea Butter Oil Varieties Are Not All Equally Effective!

Looking for Shea butter oil? You should only go for premium 100% natural Shea butter oil, such as we’ve talked about earlier. And this is what we supply our clients because we care for your skin! Shea butter oil ages with time. Keep it for longer than 12-24 months, and it begins to lose its natural integrity and wonderful benefits. How does this happen? Shea butter oil contains cinnamic acid, which is also found in the cinnamon you have in your kitchen cabinet. Cinnamic acid is bound to other ingredients in Shea butter oil, and as Shea butter oil ages this bond becomes loosened until you have fewer and fewer bound cinnamic acid molecules within the aging Shea butter oil over time. Research has shown that this rapid reduction of bound cinnamic acid molecules and the resultant increase in free Cinnamic acid molecules accounts for the loss of natural integrity and the clinical ineffectiveness of aged Shea butter oil. Although degraded in such a state, such aged Shea butter oil has not lost the entirety of its natural integrity. The only property it retains at this point is its moisturizing capabilities, but it can no longer have soothing effects on skin conditions. If you’ve ever wondered why a particular sample of Shea butter oil you bought didn’t seem to do any more than merely moisturize your skin, now you know! These findings from years dedicated to intense research have shed so much light on why so many Shea butter oil products are not all as effective as you’d expect. We have armed our clients with this knowledge of what renders Shea butter oil ineffective, in the hope that you can avoid spending valuable money on poor quality Shea butter oil. How old is the Shea butter oil you are buying? This will tell you the amount of free cinnamic acid molecules it contains and just how effective the Shea butter oil can turn out to be. The older the batch of Shea butter oil, the more unbound cinnamic acid molecules contained, and the weaker the Shea butter oil! Such a batch cannot relieve skin conditions or repair skin. Another significant determinant of the clinical effectiveness and quality of any batch of Shea butter oil you buy is the multitudinous processes used in preparing the Shea butter oil from the Shea nuts. The procedure for preparation should be uniform and minimal. Also, after preparation, beware of the environmental conditions to which the Shea butter oil is exposed. Harsh external conditions accelerate the degradation of the butter. Again, how can you tell 100% natural Shea butter oil from low-grade Shea butter oil? Excellent Shea butter oil is a remedy for a wide variety of skin conditions and irritations as well as acts as an unbeatable moisturizer. Aged, poor quality Shea butter oil cannot improve skin conditions. It can only moisturize and falls to the same level as mango butter or cocoa butter.

We offer only premium 100% natural Shea butter oil. Off-the-shelf Shea butter oil is off our list!

There are producers and marketers in the U.S who alter their batch of Shea butter oil in an attempt to “improve” it by giving it a better texture and fragrance chemically. Other producers make alterations for economic reasons. These may seem like noble purposes, but these chemical alterations distort the composition (hence, natural integrity) of Shea butter oil. While altered Shea butter oil may smell nice and even cost less because other chemicals were added to it, many significant and unique properties of natural Shea butter oil are sacrificed in the process. Always remember to watch out and enquire about the age of the Shea butter lubricant or oil that you are buying. Some marketers still stock Shea butter oil that is over 3 years old since the attempt to alter delays its entry into the market. We recommend that the best time to use up Shea Butter oil is within 18 months from the date the butter was extracted from the seed. As a precautionary measure, always look for the Seal of USDA certification on the container of the batch of Shea butter oil in your hand before you buy. This is because the USDA does not label, recommend or promote as “organic” any chemically adulterated Shea Butter oil that contains fillers and preservatives, or that has been questionably processed or stored. And our goal as a brand is to recommend ONLY natural Shea Butter oil that still retains its natural healing powers.

USDA Certified Organic: A Seal Of Professionalism And Trust

Shea butter oil needs to be 100% natural if you are seeking to enjoy all its healing and moisturizing powers. But not all the Shea butter emollients you come across in the market are 100% natural. Our company prioritizes the satisfaction of its clients. We go the extra mile because we seek to earn and protect our clients’ trust. And therefore, we have cooperated with a USDA Certifying Agent to subject (and continue to subject) our Shea butter oil line, our manufacturing site and our fully documented manufacturing processes to the mandatory annual inspection conducted by the USDA on all “organic” claims. Our Shea butter oil is USDA certified organic because it meets the organic standards and regulations of the USDA.

Our Shea butter oil is:

• certified to contain ingredients that are 100% organically sourced; • 100% organically processed; • 100% free from any synthetic additives like preservatives or colorants or aromatic enhancers. Our USDA-accredited certifier mark is the white, green and brown “USDA organic” label which you will see at the bottom of the packaging of our Shea butter oil. Our claims are fully verified, and you can trust us.

Classification, Characteristics And Availability

shea butter in factoryWe make our USDA Natural Shea Butter Oil ONLY directly from the Shea nuts without refining it the slightest bit. We can guarantee our clients that our USDA certified 100% organic natural Shea butter oil is the highest pharmaceutical grade of Shea Butter oil available! Some Shea butters have lost all corrective properties and only have moisturizing capabilities to offer. Other Shea butters are what is usually mixed in lotions, soaps and other moisturizing products to combat skin dryness. In need of only batches with purely moisturizing effects? Cocoa butter and mango butter are purely natural moisturizers that you can opt for because they are just as good at moisturizing the skin as is refined Shea butter oil and are also less expensive. Remember, the “USDA organic” seal must be on the Shea butter oil container before you buy. The purpose of the seal is to ensure that you are buying 100% organic high-quality Shea butter oil. We use this seal. If the seal is not on any of our products, then that product is not our product. It is an attempt at faking our brand. Please report to us immediately. Never go for Shea butter oil modifications. They will never deliver on quality and clinical effectiveness. Any premium Shea butter oil at room temperature should readily spread in your hands when you rub them together and quickly absorb into the skin when applied. Our 100% Organic Shea Butter Oil does not leave a greasy feel on the surface of the skin. It is non-comedogenic (meaning it does not clog the pores of the skin) and is therefore safe to use on acne-inflicted skin for healing purposes due to dryness. It is quickly absorbed into the dermis and goes deep into the skin to carry out its regenerative and moisturizing purposes. The smell of our USDA Organic Natural Shea Butter Oil is not at all offensive, neither is it alluring. It has a rather flat scent, which is characteristic of any 100% natural Shea butter oil. Safe for people with sensitivity to fragrances. Fragrant or aromatic scents in any Shea butter oil is a warning signal on its own! Watch out for that. Many manufacturers attempt to alter the fragrance of their Shea butter oil to make it more pleasing and give it a cologne or perfume aroma, but they end up destroying its clinical potency in the process. We wish to preserve its clinical potency; therefore, we do not add any fragrances to our 100% Natural Shea Butter Oil. But there’s nothing to be concerned about as pertains the flat smell because it is the expected smell of pure Shea oil and it does not interfere with your perfumes or cologne. Please, if your Shea butter oil smells fruity or has a rhapsody of aromas, then it was chemically altered and is far from purely organic! Please, discard it! The needs of demands of the chocolate industry often determine the availability of supply of Shea butter oil. A very small fraction of the annual Shea harvest is utilized in the cosmetic industry, and chocolate manufacturers that make chocolate mostly use almost all of the Shea exported from producing countries.

Shea Butter Oil: An Oil Set Apart From Other Natural Oils!

Shea ButterThere are two classifications for seed oils, namely that they are either saponifiable or non-saponifiable. Saponifiable oils are oils that contain moisturizing fractions. Non-saponifiable oils are oils that contain healing fractions. Shea butter oil is in a class of its own among seed oils because it contains an exceptionally abundant quantity of non-saponifiable fractions or healing fractions which contain essential fatty acids and phytonutrients necessary to facilitate the healing of the skin. The percentage of the healing fraction present in a batch of Shea butter oil may fall within the range between 5% and upward (as high as 17%), depending on the source. The higher the healing fraction present, the better the quality of the Shea butter oil. Compare this percentage with that of other seed oils which can be only 1% or even less! What other seed oils lack in healing fractions, they make for in moisturizing fractions. Shea butter’s high healing fraction percentage and moisturizing fractions combined make it an excellent oil and natural emollient for regular use, to the effect that it heals and prevents skin inflammations and other irritable conditions and maintains your skin in its refreshingly healthy state. Shea butter’s unique restorative powers are the inspiration behind the name given to the Shea tree, the Karite tree (Karite means “tree of life”).

Shea Butter: Source and Ingredients

Shea butter is an extremely effectual multipurpose Vitamin A skin lubricant even in its most purely natural form. It is extracted from the seed of the Shea tree or Karite tree, and our brand is one of the very few that reaches our esteemed client’s hands without any chemical modifications whatsoever. Our premium 100% USDA Organic Shea Butter Oil is prepared using organic methods without any addition of chemical enhancers or preservatives. Ingredients? Pure Premium High Quality All-Natural Shea Butter ONLY!

Who Should Use Shea Butter Oil?

Why, everyone! Did you know that, according to legend, Shea butter oil was one of the great Cleopatra’s favorite beauty treatments? Shea butter oil is both a preventative and curative lubricant. Every skin is worthy of the nourishing, pampering, protective and regenerate effects that Shea butter oil generously provides. Having plans for outdoor activities? These activities require you to be out in the sun almost the whole day. You need to apply that protective layer of 100% Natural Shea Butter Oil over your delicate skin to both prevent and cure skin irritation, inflammation and damage from exposure to the sun.

We recommend our 100% Natural Shea Butter Oil for everyone, and it is particularly effective for:

  • Golfers;
  • Dancers;
  • Swimmers;
  • Coast guards; Life guards
  • Pre or post surgery patients in recovery;
  • Pregnant ladies (who naturally must deal with growing tummies and enlarging bodies and stretching skin during this period of pregnancy);
  • People who have scars from tummy tucks;
  • People taking medication like prednisone which causes cellulite.
So many women use cocoa butter while they are pregnant, an adoption that is based on an unproven myth that cocoa butter works the same way as Shea butter oil to prevent stretch marks. What they do not know is that, unlike Shea butter oil, cocoa butter only has moisturizing effects and nothing more. The moisturizing qualities in cocoa butter does not promote cellular turnover the way that shea butter oil would. Our USDA certified 100% organic Natural Shea Butter Oil encourages and promotes cellular turnover to prevent stretch marks and cellulite because it intensely moisturizes.

25 Reasons Why You Should Use Shea Butter Oil

Our brand’s vision is to put a bottle of Shea butter oil in every household. It is advisable for every household to have a bottle of premium Shea butter oil enlisted in their beauty regimen and included in their beauty products, and another separate bottle of premium Shea butter oil in the medicine cabinet as a first aid for minor injuries from domestic accidents. Below are listed conditions for which premium Shea butter will provide instant improvement and healing. You may even discover additional benefits from regularly using premium Shea butter which are not listed here. Each of these conditions is unique, and therefore each will require a different time frame within which to begin to yield obvious results. For instance, while itching may be relieved instantly, inflammations may take longer to heal, and wrinkles may require about 4-6 weeks before manifesting improvement. With premium Shea butter oil, consistency is key!

Shea butter oil:

  • Prevents and corrects stretch marks and cellulite;
  • Retains skin elasticity;
  • Hydrates dry skin;
  • Protects the dermal layer from over stretching during pregnancy;
  • Relieves the skin peeling that is an indication of after-tanning effects;
  • Relieves skin rashes;
  • Stops itching skin;
  • Clears blemishes and skin wrinkles;
  • Soothes sunburn;
  • Maintains healthy skin;
  • Is an antidote for frost bite;
  • Smoothens the skin and leaves it feeling silky soft when used as a shaving cream;
  • Brings redress to small skin wounds;
  • Hydrates and closes skin cracks;
  • Softens and evens out rough and tough skin on the feet;
  • Protects against cold weather;
  • Rejuvenates the skin and prevents stretch marks during pregnancy;
  • Relieves inflammation from insect bites;
  • Reduces muscle fatigue, tension and aches;
  • Provides relief from skin allergies such as poison oaks or poison Ivy;
  • Cures eczema;
  • Moisturizes the skin on the scalp (when applied to scalp) and eliminates flaking conditions due to itching and dryness (without leaving the hair or scalp feeling greasy);
  • Nourishes the tender skin of the lips;
  • Soothes effectively when used before and after strenuous exercise;
  • Serves as an emollient and heals skin damage from excessive heat and burns (like burns from cooking oil and from radiation therapy at the hospital).


The information provided is not meant to replace or constitute professional medical advice. You must also seek professional medical practitioners for treatment. We encourage you to hold consultations with your personal physician, should you have any questions regarding a medical condition. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended for diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Go ahead! Make our premium USDA organic Shea butter oil your skin’s best friend today and say goodbye to stretch marks and cellulite! It would make a world of difference!