Samantha Jagroop

Who Is Samantha Jagroop?

Samantha Jagroop is an exuberant certified esthetician who is also the founder and CEO of Bye Bye Celli, a Shea butter oil company that seeks to redefine skin by focusing on the prevention and correction of cellulite and stretch marks using her all-natural lubricant, the Shea butter oil. Samantha studied esthetics, image consulting and makeup, and has earned her clients’ long-term trust by being unwaveringly consistent in surpassing their expectations, applying holistic solutions to skincare problems with a poise and passion that instantly puts her clients at ease. “Get started early and take care of your skin now! This way, you can avoid major skin care costs. My reasoning was, and always will be,‘Prevention before Correction’.”

Early Life

Samantha Jagroop was born in Guyana, South America. At age 5, she came to the United States and settled in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, where she stayed till she finished high school. There, having the drive to enter the business world quickly and become independent, she worked in the fashion retail for Nordstrom, then for a Modeling Agency, and then a People Skills and Training Group. Still driven by her thirst for entrepreneurship, Samantha Jagroop decided to learn about the world of beauty and business. But, of course, what better place to do this than in New York? So, at the age of 18, she left on her own to the Bronx, New York, to pursue her dreams there. She worked in several places in Manhattan 5th Ave, one of them being Saks Fifth Avenue, the Flagship store where she was trained to work with international clients from many different cultures. It was an enlightening and enriching experience for the young Samantha because she got to meet the famous designers, attend Broadway shows and participate in celebrity private events and private showings. She also got the opportunity to learn about fashion from the fashion shows. Attending these shows helped her gain connections into schools and made it possible for her to meet Investcorp partners and officials at the time. Besides her parents, New York became another source of many great lessons. Samantha Jagroop worked at the number one Bartering Advertising Company in New York while studying International Business Management at the time. She also became certified in Esthetics at Christine Valmy, Il Mikiage Make Up Academy and Beauty For All Seasons in Manhattan as well. “For me, it was a rare privilege to have been opened up to all that about beauty and business at such an early age. The experience gained at New York remains pivotal in my life, and there’s just no place like it.”

After New York

Samantha Jagroop is an initiator. She raises questions when no one else would, and she searches for answers……or creates the answers, if there aren’t any! In her early 20’s, she moved to South Florida, living mainly in Fort Lauderdale but also in South Beach, Miami. She started a company named Devica which was a high-end body wash company. Her frustration from the lack of an effective body wash for dry, flaky and sensitive skin caused her to create a line of products to combat this problem. One of her creations at the time in January 2001 was Exotica Exfoliating Wash, a silky exfoliator/body wash/face wash that had pink and black jojoba beads infused into it and was reputed to leave the skin feeling velvety smooth and super clean with a golden uniform complexion. She was featured in the news, WWD, and in several magazines. Her clients included high end retailers and boutiques nationwide. She also worked for a world renown doctor as an educator and account executive, where once more the opportunity presented itself to attend trade shows and marketing or educational forums. “This has helped me gain a deeper understanding of business models and the local markets.”

Return Of An Entrepreneur

Samantha Jagroop is a fighter. She is known for the resilience in her spirit, and how she surfs the challenges of life to find opportunity in every difficulty. Samantha never let circumstances dictate the path of her life and career. She became pregnant with a beautiful child named Taya Jolie. Her daughter’s father is a CEO in the private jet arena and is a leader in the industry. Being faced with the prospect of being a single mother, she realized that she could no longer travel because she wanted to give her daughter all the attention she would ever need. So, she worked for a Laser Center, and then was an educator again for another skin company. She had a longing to focus and spend more time with her daughter, and so she pioneered small home businesses that involved Skin Care and Body Shaping. Her decision to create a product was nurtured on the fact that she had gathered a great clientele throughout her career in the skin industry specifically because of her training with the doctor for whom she worked with. Samantha Jagroop is also a person who knows how important it is to keep up to date in her knowledge about the beauty industry. And so, she rekindled her ongoing interest in beauty and skincare that had been burning since her very early childhood years. She again decided to attend the Steiner College for Skin. “I have always loved taking care of myself in a natural way. And to look as beautiful naturally when you wake up just as if you were going out or to work. I love keeping everything very pure, sexy, simple……and, most of all, very natural.”

The Birth Of The Shea Butter Oil Company

Samantha Jagroop is results-oriented and is armed with medical and clinical knowledge. When she became pregnant, she was in fear just like every other woman about stretch marks and cellulite, especially as these marks appear when women age or develop from hereditary and pregnancy and other factors. She knew the benefits of Shea Butter, having heard from years ago about a very famous celebrity used it in the 90’s. Samantha Jagroop always develops her own informed opinions about trends and cultures in the beauty industry, refusing to conform to just anything without first researching thoroughly for solutions. She never believed in Cocoa butter and all the other natural moisturizers out there in the market because they had no regenerating benefits besides moisturizing and merely softening the stretch marks. While those were beneficial results, those were not the results that Samantha was aiming for. She believed that the stretch marks and cellulite can help be prevented and eliminated completely. She consulted with the world-renowned doctor that she had worked for and asked for his take on the use of Shea butter for dealing with stretch marks and cellulite, and he said that it was 100% an excellent choice. And it worked!!! Samantha dedicated herself to the use of Shea butter which she used daily for application. And now even at the age of 44, after pregnancy and giving birth and with lots of sun exposure, she has successfully prevented the occurrence of stretch marks and cellulite on her skin! She received countless compliments about her skin. Samantha decided she wanted to make a product that is USDA highest pharmaceutical grade. But there was a twist to her product that makes it unique. She wanted to make a 100% organic Shea butter oil, one that her clients would not have to melt!!! She also has a passion for wanting all women to know that there is no better product that serves as the key to taking care of their bodies than this Shea Butter Oil. Therefore, she has created an in-depth informative page on her website to educate women and men alike about the regenerative powers of her Shea butter oil. Samantha’s USDA certified 100% organic Shea butter oil performs every woman’s much needed miracle in preventing stretch marks and cellulite which could be caused by medication, pregnancy, weight loss, lifestyle and sports, perfectly healing and soothing EVERYTHING!!! It is every woman’s dream of a redefined skin, fulfilled! “I had to find something with absolutely no chemical additives whatsoever because I strongly believe that it would have never have given the same result that I have achieved had I not used an oil. I believe in what I sell because I am a product of it, and that’s why I created it!!”

Other Skills Acquired

Samantha Jagroop is more than just an esthetician. Her mother has been a practicing real estate agent for more than 30 years. So, Samantha also got her license in Real Estate. Being that she had always loved business, she collaborated both real estate and the beauty and skincare industry. “I’ve always been successful in closing a deal and developing long term relationships with my clients. And some of them end up holding consultations with me about their skin problems as well. I have a very large clientele base who I am very passionate about.”

Giving Back

Samantha Jagroop has a strong belief in giving back to the community, and this passion to share rises from the fact that she has had to brace many challenges in her personal and business life all by herself. She knows first hand what hard times are like. She is very much involved in lots of charity work. Some of them are the likes of Kids In Distress, Organization One, ALDF, UNICEF, and a new recent interest in THORN. “I love helping, giving and protecting the defenseless. Building a career by myself and being a single mother was hard, but of course I always saw in the hardships an opportunity for growth and personal improvement. I believe in being humble, showing humility always. I’ve known what it is to have to make sacrifices to see your dreams come true, and so it is not the least discomforting to me that I share in the troubles of others through my charity work. By sharing in their troubles, I help make their world a little better.”


Samantha Jagroop’s hobbies include spending time with her daughter and family, she loves to cook and entertain friends and family at her home. Traveling and vacationing especially to culturally rich places. Contributing to charity and helping the defenseless always. Embraces educating herself on business and entrepreneurial articles and topics and reading Forbes.